Not Getting Enough Clients? Getting Screwed by Marketing Agencies?

My presentation will focus on:

  • Setting up your funnel for optimal conversions
  • Setting up tracking to ensure you are getting an ROI whether you or an agency is running your marketing
  • ​Where to get VAs if you are not comfortable with the tech stuff

Do not run your ads to your Main Website

Websites and Funnels Have Different Purposes

Your main website should be set up for SEO. There are sales funnels components that should be incorporated into your main site. 

However, your main website has to have a lot of other factors built in to rank on Google such as blog pages, a lot of content, practice area pages, backlinks, etc.

Your funnel (landing page) should be set up for optimal conversions that does not include allowing the PNC to do deep research.

Your Funnel Should ask the PNC to do one thing

Different funnels for different purposes

You should have one funnel for one purpose.

For example, if you are attempting to get the PNC to book a consultation, you should run a "Billboard" funnel.

If you are running a nuture campaign with a lead magnet, you should run a Legal Lead Generation funnel. 

What it boils down to is that if you are asking the PNC to do more than one thing, the conversion may go down. This is why running paid traffic to your main website is a bad idea. It allows the PNC to search the site, click all these buttons, and get distracted from what you are trying to get them to do. 

Vote For Joe and Get this Funnel Template

Helping lawyers make more money through effective marketing

What you will get from me for free

  • website template: $5,000.00
  • clickfunnel "Billboard" sharefunnel: $1,000.00
  • job description for marketing VAs: 
  • Copy of Blair Warren’s PDF “The One-Sentence Persuasion Course”: $97
  • lead tracking and dashboard template: $2,000.00

If I win, I will be putting on a free workshop that includes:

  • Setting up your billboard funnel
  • Best practices setting up your website template
  • Linking the software to tracking software
  • ​Linking the funnel to a follow up campaign
  • ​Linking the funnel to a webinar presentation automation
  • ​Tracking your data to ensure ROI on ad spend
  • ​Let me know what else you want to learn 
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